A Step Above the Basics

For horses that have never had a saddle and/or rider, a 60 to 90 day stay is recommended.  Below is a basic list of skills your horse will learn throughout their stay.  Results may vary based on the age, physical, and mental ability of your horse.


Can lead (W/T) in hand respectfully

The horse is comfortable and respectful while being led with a saddle on both with a halter, and with a bridle on.

Maintains Composure When Handled

The horse is comfortable being touched/handled all over both while being tacked up, and while tacked up.  The horse is also comfortable being touched by a rider in the saddle.


The horse stands for tacking, untacking, and tack adjustments, as well as for mounting/dismounting.

Lunges in both directions (W/T/C)

The horse is comfortable and willing to perform gait and direction changes while lunging, with both a saddle and a rider.

Hoof Handling

The horse is comfortable and willing to have feet handled/cleaned out with a saddle on

Moves forward, backwards, and sideways using light commands

The horse moves forward off of light leg pressure and/or verbal commands.  The horse can stop and back up when asked by rider. The horse can turn off of light rein pressure and/ or leg pressure.

Walk, Trot Lope

The horse can perform a walk, trot, and lope, both in an indoor and an outdoor arena with a calm and comfortable demeanor, with a saddle and a rider.


The horse can be calm when exposed to basic desensitization tools with a rider.  The horse is willing to investigate something new, instead of reacting fearfully.


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