Starting with the basics

Here at Brandy Bee's, we believe that trust, communication, and respect are three things that are necessary to having a happy and well balanced horse.  Starting that on the ground is key.  Our ground manners training program sets down the fundamental basics that your horse needs to go in any direction using fun and engaging techniques that keep the horse interested, curious, and open minded.


Ground Training Basics

This is a list of what you can expect from your horse after ground training basics.  However, each horse has a different personality, way of learning, and different physical and mental capabilities.  For horses that have minimal handling in these areas, a 60 to 90 day stay is recommended.

Being caught

The horse can be caught and haltered in the pasture without a fuss

Can lead (W/T) in hand respectfully

The horse is comfortable and respectful while being led.

Can be touched all over

The horse is comfortable being petted/handled.  The horse is not displaying signs of being head shy, or skittish about being touched on any particular area. (I.E. Horse kicks out if his backside is touched)

Stands for grooming

The horse does not crib, weave, or kick out while being groomed, bathed, fly sprayed, etc.

Lunges in both directions (W/T/C)

The horse is comfortable and willing to  listen to cues being given while lunging, and readily follows instruction throughout direction and gait changes.

Hoof Handling  

The horse stands and willingly gives feet for cleaning, and will stand politely while the foot is being worked on.

Stands tied

The horse can stand tied for a duration of time without cribbing, weaving, or pawing.

Moves forward, backwards, and sideways off of light commands

The horse willingly listens and follows direction based off of verbal or light physical requests.


The horse can stand calmly when exposed to basic desensitization tools.  Horse is curious of new things, instead of fearful.  Proper desensitization is essential for a horse to gain confidence.


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